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Regenerative Ruminants is the prescribed grazing service of Northern Wisconsin. Our flerd of goats and sheep are land managers who specialize in brush clearing, pasture improvement, and invasive species control. A natural alternative to herbicide that benefits soil and can increase biodiversity.  

If you can't beat em', eat em'!

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re·gen·er·ate verb /rəˈjenəˌrāt/

To renew and restore; to recreate, especially in a better form or condition; to revive or produce anew; bring into existence again


ru·mi·nant noun /ro͞omənənt/

An herbivorous, even toed, mammal with a complex 3-4 chambered stomach; an animal that chews the cud regurgitated from it's rumen.

Ex: Goats, sheep, cows, llamas, alpacas, deer, elk, bison, antelope, giraffes